THINK BIG - In a beautiful way

design lab by floral soil

A lifestyle workshop experience where sustainability, science and art meet design.

Design credit - Team Floral Soil

Floral Soil™

Designed and inspired by nature. Floral Soil is an innovative multi-purpose medium for design. Floral Soil is made from plants and 100% re-usable.

Floral Soil was originally developed as a non-toxic alternative to support cut flowers. However, as Floral Soil’s development progressed, our inspiration and aspirations grew, turning Floral Soil into a whole new concept and approach to design.

The driving force behind Floral Soil is untraditional, unconventional and imaginative thinking that aims to unify sustainability, design, art, functionality and re-use - while not sacrificing quality & beauty. We refer to this force as the “THINK BIG - in a beautiful way” approach.

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 Floral Soil is Art

Sculpture design credit, Mickey Blake - Team Floral Soil

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Design Lab by Floral Soil™

Design Lab by Floral Soil is a lifestyle workshop experience that inspires thought aligned with the “THINK BIG - in a beautiful way” approach. In our community based Lab workshop, Floral Soil acts as the “canvas” - or starting point - for each month’s new design challenge.

Lab challenges differ from month to month - design, plant cloning, growing from seed, living sculptures and other alternate uses with Floral Soil. Our Lab experiences are all inclusive (all materials and refreshments) and you will leave with your custom Floral Soil design, complimentary Floral Soil, new knowledge, new inspiration, new friends and a meaningful experience.

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a creative movement

Photo by Artem Kim 


Mission Statement

To inspire a creative movement that seeks to challenge traditional uses, norms and conventional thinking, by combining sustainability, innovation, functionality, art, design and next life purpose into a “THINK BIG - in a beautiful way” approach and experience.

Re-imagine special moments

Make something from you.

Photo by Matheus Lira 


Something Unique & Personal

Inspiration is drawn from things that are meaningful. At Design Lab by Floral Soil, birthday’s, anniversaries, baby showers and other moments take on a whole new meaning. Every month there is a new Floral Soil canvas idea to help you make those moments extra special.

Connecting people

A fun place to learn, make new friends and embrace your inner artist.

Photo by David Sarkisov 


Putting Roots Into the Community

Design Lab is all about how we can improve the well being of people. At Floral Soil, we believe change lies WITH the people. By creating an experience, we give back to the community, support local businesses and learn how to keep innovating in ways that are meaningful.

Growing Beauty with Purpose

Beautiful & Functional.

Botanical cake design credit, Adrianne Beard - Team Floral Soil


More Than Just Flowers

Creating something that didn’t negatively impact the environment was an important part of the journey. At design lab we will explore new sustainable concepts where functionality and the traditional perception of beauty work hand in hand. With every design, we have the opportunity to restore nature, grow food AND be beautiful.

Transforming Spaces

“Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.” –M.C. Escher

Floral Soil sculpture design credit, Mickey Blake - Team Floral Soil

20190106_185430_001 (1).jpg

Design Without Limits

We push the creative boundaries of Floral Soil: Science + Nature + Design + Architecture + Sculpture = Design Without Limits

At Design Lab, we have explored how personal design affects the way we feel and connect with others. What about how and where we live? Transforming spaces is a new “lab” concept where function, art and problem solving meet.

Making it last

A place to create memories.

Photo by Joanna Nix 


The Floral Soil Vertical Circle™

Design Lab by Floral Soil is a place to create memories. Sustainable design begins with the materials, manufacturing something to inspire, making the initial design, re-use and then new beginnings. We want to help you create long-lasting memories.

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let’s build something amazing

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