To us, Floral Soil is less about the product and more about what the entire sustainable process represents. Our passion is using design to connect people to nature and each other in a safe transparent way.
— Team Floral Soil

Floral Soil is a non-toxic, Re-Usable design medium. 

From birthdays to baby showers...special moments should be green. Our work started in the kitchen with a brick of phenol formaldehyde flower foam and 6 major goals - Support cut flowers, be non-toxic, plant derived, biodegradable, hold water and grow seeds.

Simply Natural

Floral Soil is a patent-pending natural composite derived from coconut husks and other non-threatened renewable resources. More than 95% of Floral Soil is waste and is manufactured using a closed-loop waste-free process.

Highly Absorbent

Floral Soil absorbs more than 10x its weight in water. The sponge-like texture provides access to water, air and nutrients without over saturation. 

Designed for re-use

When developing  Floral Soil, our goal was to make it perform well as a flower foam alternative for cut flowers, be re-usable for subsequent arrangements AND, after its initial intended use, support the next life of seeds, bulbs, cuttings and plant starts.  

Floral Soil not only biodegrades, the components have been shown to improve soil. Essentially we are helping to restore nature one brick at a time.

Unlimited Possibilities