1. What is Design Lab by Floral Soil ™ ?

Design Lab by Floral Soil are community based creative and explorative workshops, where Science + Nature + Design are explored through the use of Floral Soil. Each workshop is approximately 1 ½ hour and will feature a new Design Lab Challenge every month. Workshops are currently held in different locations within the greater Seattle area. The workshops are designed to be an all round experience, where you can relax, learn, connect with others, experiment while exploring your inner artist. All materials and refreshments are provided. You will leave with your Floral Soil design, complimentary Floral Soil, new knowledge, inspiration and a wonderful experience.

2.  What it’s not.

Design Lab by Floral Soil is not a flower arranging class. Some traditional techniques are utilized as a form of inspiration. The primary goal is to teach best practices, inspire, challenge, experiment and provide a creative space to embrace and develop your own artistic abilities.

3. What is Design Lab in-A-Box™ ?

Design Lab in-A-Box is an extension of our Design Lab’s community based design workshops. When signing up for Design Lab in-A-Box, the monthly Floral Soil Challenge containing the monthly Floral Soil canvas and Design Lab tools will be delivered directly to your doorstep. Workshop classes are held online – where you can participate from the comfort of your home. Sign up for monthly or Flex delivery. COMING SOON!!!!

4. What is Floral Soil Design Lab Studio ™ ?

Design Lab Studio is Floral Soil’s exclusive custom division, where we make the impossible possible. Using science and design thinking, we push the boundaries of artistic and innovative expression. Our Studio creates limited editions of select Floral Soil sculptures or develops unique custom pieces per customer’s request. 

5. Is Floral Soil available for purchase?

We really appreciate your interest in Floral Soil. There is so much to share, teach and experience about our amazing innovation, so in an effort to ensure our brand integrity and use, Floral Soil is only available through participation in our Design Labs or Studio.  Floral Soil is NOT available for wholesale or resale.

6. Interested in collaborating with Floral Soil?

Floral Soil thrives on innovation, new applications and new ideas, so we always welcome collaborations from outside the traditional floral industry. We have entertained several collaborative opportunities from different disciplines such as; architecture, Michelin star chefs and environmental remediation. If you have an interesting idea, we would be happy to explore further in an informal conversation.