1. What is Design Lab?

Design Labs are different styles of innovative, creative and fun workshops currently operating in the greater Seattle area. Each workshop is approximately 1 ½ hour, and includes education of product possibilities, creative designs and fun with other people. At each event, all materials and free refreshments are provided. It is a place to relax, learn and inspire. You leave with a design and lasting memories.

2.  What it’s not.

Design Lab by Floral Soil is not flower arranging class. Some traditional techniques are utilized as a form of inspiration. The primary goal is to teach best practices and provide a creative space to embrace and develop your own artistic abilities.

3. Is Floral Soil available for purchase?

We really appreciate your interest in Floral Soil. At this time, it is all about the experience and education at the community level. There is so much to share about our amazing and new innovation!. As such, Floral Soil is only available through participation in our design labs. Floral Soil is a direct to consumer product experience and NOT available for wholesale or resale. If your goal is to create something for a gift, you would learn how to do that and have enough Floral Soil to repeat for noncommercial use.