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A Month of Love

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In many countries around the world, February is a symbolic month of love. Candy, flowers and other gifts are exchanged, all in the name of St. Valentine. While the history is a bit murky, the message is clear; it is a recurring moment in time to express your feelings for loved ones.

In honor of St. Valentine, Design Lab by Floral Soil is re-imagining the meaning and creating memories with purpose. This month, our canvas is sculpted in the shape of a heart, constructed of materials that support seeds and cuttings. Many different materials will be utilized for design including cut flowers and succulents. Lab guests will create their very own designs to take home and share with loved ones.

Various Floral Soil specific design techniques will be explored including re-use. You will leave with a wonderful experience, hopefully new friends, your design, and some complimentary Floral Soil.

Design Lab Experimental Challenge: Every lab includes a community focused experimental challenge. Western Monarch Butterfly populations have declined more than 90% in two decades. Monarchs are not only beautiful, they help pollinate flowers and eat less desirable plants. In a show of support techniques and materials will be shared to grow Milkweed/butterfly flowers recycled Floral Soil. Milkweed is the single food source for Monarch caterpillars. These butterfly flowers can be planted in pots and garden beds. Our goal is to create an environment to attract these beautiful creatures and do what we can to save them.

Expressing love and saving butterflies. We thought that would be a perfect match for Valentine’s.❤️

This is an all-inclusive workshop that includes materials, food and drink.

Later Event: February 4
Cupcake Mondays @ Design Lab