Earth Day 2019 - Floral Soil Launching Design Studio and Subscription Service

Happy Earth Day everyone! I would like to thank all of the amazing people we follow on Social Media and those who follow us @ Design Lab by Floral. You are a constant source of inspiration. For those of you who don’t know, Floral Soil was originally designed as a nontoxic replacement for chemical foams. As Floral Soil’s development progressed our inspiration and aspirations grew, turning Floral Soil into a whole new concept and approach to design.

Design Lab - Art, Design, Science and Plants

We created Floral Soil to solve a problem and make lasting memories. It's going to take a while solve all the problems but we can put our best foot forward when it come to making beautiful memories. Join Us at Design Labs, a place to learn, create and connect.  Our first events kick-off at The Grape Choice in Kirkland, WA from 7- 8:30 pm every week. Check out the schedule, come alone, bring a friend, make new friends!


Floral Soil to Expand Design Nites

Get your creative juices flowing with Floral Soil™!  From unique gift ideas to girls night out, Floral Soil™ is back with a whole new range of design and grow projects.  Botanical Cupcakes, Living Art and Floralsoildama (Kokedama made with Floral Soil™).  We have also added a day dedicated to Wedding and Party Favors.  New locations to be announced this month in California!  

Make your special moments unique and green with Floral Soil™!



Floral Soil Launches DIY Design Parties

Looking for entertainment ideas in the privacy of your home (or venue) with friends and/or family?  You can now book private design events with Floral Soil™ online.  All we need is the date, number of attendees, and product preference for the event.  Custom designs are welcome!  You may request your own private instructor or we can assemble a kit with everything you need.



Floral Soil @ the Seattle Farmers Market

THINKING LOCAL.  Floral Soil is excited to participate in the Seattle Farmers Market featured vendor experience series. Stop by our "Design Your own Floral Soil Botanical Cupcake" popup at the Wallingford Market - Wednesday, July 19 from  3-7 pm and the Madrona Market - Friday, July 21st from 3 - 7 pm.