Challenges of Transparency

March 23, 2105 – Our vision from the beginning was to build a responsible company and product. Developing and scaling the production of Floral Soil ™ was intended to be a clean and easy process but has been anything but. Every component is natural and abundant so why is transparency such a problem? We realize now that “eco, all-natural, better for the environment” marketing has very little reach without truly understanding the life cycle of the material you are using. Where did it come from? What materials where used in the manufacturing process? How was it transported? What impacts did it have on people and the environment in the process? These are just a few of the questions we have had to address on the path to organic certification and Environmental Product Declaration.  In America, there is very little regulation in regards to product manufacturing. But the entire world is changing. People are demanding to know more about what they are buying. They have the power to promote change and demand better transparency.  Any citizen with a cell phone or camera and access to the internet can spread it and will. 

Most of what we do hurts the environment more than it gives back. Floral Soil ™ has  provided an opportunity to build a useful product that gives back more to the planet than we took.  It is  about people and supporting a better future for the next generations.